Magnet Fly Fishing Reels
Fly fishing reels For light rod classes
Magnet plastic fly reels
Fly fishing reels
For light rod classes

New generation fly fishing reels!

New fly reels with a magnetic spool mount. The reels are perfect for those who like light rod classes and those who are looking for a compromise of price and quality.

Very light weight!

The light magnet series fly Reels weigh from 65 grams, which allows you to balance the lightest rods.

Quick change of spool

On fly fishing reels is very easy and quick changing of the spool.

Low cost

Fly Reels series Light magnet cost from 14.9 dollars

Feedback about us

Anatoly Elizaryev


Fly Reels are convenient in long hikes on foot when weight of tackle and equipment is important. As a rule, in the taiga rivers of large fish are not found and the brakes as such are not required. Reel 4-5 class, perfectly balanced rod from Winston in 4 class.

Dmitry Sviridov


Great idea instead of bearing, use neodymium magnets. Changing spools takes literally 2-3 seconds. Now it is not a problem to replace the fly line under the specific conditions of fishing. And the choice of colors makes it easier to remember where a fly line is wound.

Sizuh Pavel


Plastic fly reels are a great option for fishing in winter and in salt water. Not many fly reels for this cost can withstand salt water. Just as well saves from dashes closed frame fly reel. One disadvantage is plastic, when falling from a height on a hard surface, you can break the fly coil.